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Lifestyle: How To Plan A Good Wedding (On A Budget)

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. However, this does not mean that you should spend all your savings for this day without preparing for what comes next: marriage life. Apart from financial prudence, many of us also could not afford to spend a lot of money for the ceremony and reception. At a time when weddings cost over $30,000 on average, a beautiful wedding could leave you with a lot of memories to cherish, but budgeting would truly help you live for your days ahead.

The wedding industry has also been known for charging customers with “wedding tax” – extra cost for weddings compared to other events such as birthdays and family reunions. This makes it all more important to prepare wedding budgeting properly.

So here is a tip to plan a good wedding on a budget:

When preparing your wedding, choose the more cost-efficient options for every aspect of the wedding, or give them up altogether depending on your priorities, eliminating some costs permanently.

For example, opt for ready-to-wear wedding dresses instead of custom-made ones, which could be three to four times as expensive.

Instead of photographers from established companies, hire a student photographer to capture the moments from the event. The same goes with musicians and catering – there is an abundance of local music graduates and hospitality students ready to serve your wedding for a very competitive price.

You can also hire the venues for four hours instead of six, and set the date on a Thursday or Friday instead of the weekends.

Paper invitations and RSVPs could also be a bit expensive – some people have opted for all-digital cards, meaning you will save cost and help the environment.

Ask for help from families and friends for the things you need, be it transports, hair and makeup, or making bridesmaids’ dresses.

Professional service might not always be the best, especially when it comes to affordability – make sure you look into all your options before spending some money.